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Julia performing her original song "My Place" with the AOS choir

Julia has been a mentor & teacher with the special needs theatre company Allwayz On Stage for the past decade. She loves nothing more than singing her original song "My Place" around town accompanied by her friends at AOS!

This performance was at a benefit for Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

 "Souls of Steel" out now!

Inspired by the YouTube channel "Soft White Underbelly" that features interviews with habitants of Skid Row, "Souls of Steel" is a powerful lyric-driven ballad about the homeless epidemic.

Julia's hope for this song is to offer solace for those in unimaginable positions, and to ignite empathy in those who might overlook their struggles.

Original song "Words Fail" about Uvalde tragedy

Julia's original song "Words Fail" is inspired by the 2022 Uvalde tragedy. Her powerful words reached the hearts of dancers at Revolution Dance Center in Kingwood, Texas, where they used her song in their competition season.

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