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Julia has had the honor of sharing her story on a variety of platforms. 

TresA Magazine

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"My parents say I’ve been performing ever since I could speak! I started in local community theatre when I was six. As I got older, my passion for theatre grew stronger. The more I was exposed to professional theatre, the more serious I got. I’ve made sacrifices over the past few years that have allowed me to focus more on my career. I also have the most supportive family! I often think about how fortunate I am to have grown up in a community that not only appreciates the arts, but provides countless opportunities to participate." - TresA Magazine

Voyage LA Magazine

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"Positivity, passion, and dedication are the key ingredients to success. Nothing worth having comes easy, and if you are dedicated and fearless, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to." - Voyage LA Magainze

Everly Magazine

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"I enjoy every moment spent doing what I love most with people who are incredibly hard-working, kind, supportive, and positive. I’ve noticed that people with special needs are often underestimated. I have made it one my of missions to change this mindset, and make a difference in the special needs community by helping out as much as I can." - Everly Magazine

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